WorkFlowy: An Affiliate Marketers Power Tool & Full Review

WorkFlowy Organise Your Brain

WorkFlowy Review at a Glance

Program: WorkFlowy

Creators: Mike Turitzin and Jesse Patel

Website: WorkFlowy.com

Price: Free (500 list items per month limit) Upgrade: $4.99 / Month $49.00 Yearly

Rating: (5 / 5)

WorkFlowy: What is it?

They say that good things come in small packages. True, they can.

They also say that a simple approach is the best approach. Also, true.

What about computer software? Is simple and small the best approach?

Many programs will say that they are simple, small and easy to use, but once you install them, they can be confusing, bloated, over featured, and on and on.

If you are a programmer, you may love the fact that a simple text editor can now format your source code with proper indenting, automatic colouring of variable names, function names, commenting etc. with one click. But the average person that just wants to type out a quick note, meh–not that important to them.

I want to introduce you to a small, and very simple program called WorkFlowy.

WorkFlowy is a web app that works in your browser and the simplest explanation of what WorkFlowy is it’s A Bullet Point List.

Don’t let that simple explanation of Bullet Point List fool you. Visually, Workflowy looks similar to the list below:

  • Topic 1
    • subtopic 1
    • subtopic 2
      • it’s child
  • Topic 2
    • item 1
    • item2

But that is where any similarity with a regular bullet list and WorkFlowy ends. Why?

Because the power in using WorkFlowy is the Bullet Point itself.

Before I explain more on the bullet point, I did say that WorkFlowy is a simple program that is simple to use, and that is very true. It creates bullet point lists quickly and efficiently, but people have adapted WorkFlowy for a multitude of uses. Even I use WorkFlowy for several purposes, all under one WorkFlowy account, and all within ONE MAIN LIST.

The Tagline for WorkFlowy is “Organize Your Brain”

That’s a pretty large statement for such a simple and small web application, but I have to admit, that I find it to be true.

To give you a brief overview of WorkFlowy, take a look at this video

You can see that I wasn’t kidding, the power of WorkFlowy is in the Bullet.

But the video emphasises WorkFlowy mainly as an Outliner, and List builder. It’ more than that.

There is a couple of things that the video didn’t mention, but I’ll get on them in a moment.

Ways to Use WorkFlowy

Needless to say, if you are a writer, you will take full advantage of WorkFlowys ability to do Outlines. Writers do more than just outline their stories. They also need to create lists, and even tasks. Now your simple Workflowy is not only outlining your story, but you’ll have detailed lists for every aspect of your story, along with setting yourself tasks which you can mark as completed, or even hide completely when they are done.

What? You’ve finished your book! Why not include a list for your treatment versions for marketing to publishers. Along with task list of all the publishers you’ve contacted and treatments or manuscripts you’ve sent.

How about a personal Journal or Diary?

Yes you can use WorkFlowy that way too. The way I do it is by having a list on the home page list called Personal. As in my screenshot below:

Workflowy Journalling
As mentioned in the video, a bullet point that has a grey ‘halo’ around it has sub items aka Children that belong to that list item.

My Journal expanded on a single day looks like this:

Workflowy Journal

One thing that the video only touched on is notes on a list item. Notes are the gray text underneath a bullet item — the red arrows in the screenshot are pointing to three notes — and they can be anything you need them to be. They are not limited to a single line of text.

The note under ‘Sunday Stealing’ in the image above. is much longer than a single line of text denoted by the ‘…’ at the end of that line. You can click on the note itself and it will expand fully within the list. Or if you click on the bullet item that the note is attached to, it will zoom in on that bullet point on a new page with the note fully expanded.

A note on Sharing. The video also mentioned how you can share any list or portion of a list so that another user can collaborate with you on a list. If I was to share my Sunday 24th list with you, I would send you a link and you can then edit and add to the list.

Just above Sunday 24th in the screen shot is the breadcrumb trail of Home > Personal > Journal > February, 2013, that is my breadcrumb trail on ‘My’ WorkFlowy as I would see it. Your version would simply be Home > (if you were zoomed in on Sunday 24th as I am above).

This prevents anyone that you are sharing a list with to travel through all your lists that are higher in hierarchy than the list you’ve shared. You can make any sub-lists on Sunday 24th, and we’ll both have access to those sub-lists.

To summarize ways to use WorkFlowy I’m going to make a list (the old-fashioned way) 🙂

  • Outline Tool
    • Go as detailed and as deep as you need to, to create that story
      • Or that report
        • Or Thesis
          • Or Blog Post
            • Or Course Outline
              • Or Study Notes
                • Or – You get the idea here
    • Don’t forget to add notes to your lists
      • Plot summary
        • Or Character analysis
          • Or Settings
      • I hate linear algebra
        • just thought I throw that in there, but it’s true
  • List Builder
    • And it’s a good one
  • Tasks and ToDos
    • Mark them as complete or hide them when completed
    • Put a due date as a note  or hashtag for each task to challenge yourself
  • Journaling tool
    • It may seem limited to some of the bigger tools for this purpose, but not all of us need or want a dedicated Journal program
    • Year>Month>Day and then list items and maybe adding some notes is all some of us want in a journal
  • Brainstroming!
    • I didn’t talk about it above, but you may have noticed the list item IDEAS underneath Journal in my screenshot.
    • You’ll be surprised how effective just tossing random items into a list can be-Free thinking meets WorkFlowy

Don’t think for a moment that’s all you can do with WorkFlowy.

No, not by a long shot.

WorkFlowy is also a powerful Research Tool.


WorkFlowy has a powerful WebClipper that you can add to Chrome. The WebClipper will clip any website that you are browsing to a single list that you define within WorkFlowy.

WorkFlowy WebClipper
WorkFlowy bookmarks the web page under your defined list. WebClip Inbox in my case. It saves the web page title as the list item, and the website’s address clickable link as a note.

For research, it’s probably the best bookmarking tool that I have ever used. You will notice in the above image that I have NearingRetirementAndBroke (This Website) as a list in WorkFlowy. Everything I do for this site is within that list, including an outline for this post.

Once you have clipped an item, you can then move the item into any list. I have since moved the two bookmarks into the list

Home > NearingRetirementAndBroke > Posts > WorkFlowy > Post Template > Ways To Use WorkFlowy

Even though the two bookmarks were just for example purposes, the bookmarks are part of the list that I used to write this post. I didn’t have to go to another bookmarking tool to get the links, copy them somewhere, or do any other stuff.

Just think of how much easier it would be to cite and credit references to others posts, or do a bibliography for your paper, because everything you’ve done for that paper is in One Simple List.

WorkFlowy may be easy to use, but there is still training and help when you need it.

WorkFlowy is easy to use, but it is also very versatile and you may get stuck on ways to do things.

Under the Help tab on the WorkFlowy tool bar, there is a series of 18 videos that cover a single topic on how to use WorkFlowy. Each video is only about a minute long, but that is more than enough time to grasp the concept.

If you are still stuck, or have questions you can click on support to get help and access their FAQ page.

The Keyboard shortcuts are also very helpful, and you can have them always visible for reference, of minimize the tool bar to have it handy whenever you might need it.

WorkFlowy’s Price.

WorkFlowy is free to use, but you are limited to 500 list items per month on the free level.

You can get more space by 250 list items per month for every person that you personally recommend to use WorkFlowy.

WorkFlowy Pro is $4.99 per month or $49.00 per year (a 20% savings). Upgrading with WorkFlowy does come with some perks:

WorkFlowy Upgrade
Want to try WorkFlowy for yourself?

Click this link and receive an additional 250 list items!

That’s 750 list items per month free. And believe me, once you get into working with WorkFlowy you’ll probably find that you will want the extra space.

Who is WorkFlowy built for?

WorkFlowy better than a Swiss Army KnifeEasy answer is EVERYONE, for no matter who uses WorkFlowy they will find a different purpose and creative use for the program.

WorkFlowy is the pocket knife that out performs a Swiss Army Knife and it doesn’t have those extra bulky tools attached.

If you are an Author, Teacher, Student, Parent, Designer (of anything), Blogger, or someone that just wants an easy way to make lists, outlines, ToDos, or keep a simple journal, or any combination of these, you will find that WorkFlowy is just the tool you need.

There may be one group of people that may not realize what WorkFlowy can do for them, namely Affiliate Marketers.


Because Affiliate Marketers do the following

  • Research Products
    • They’ll need a spot to bookmark all relevant sites for each product
    • They’ll visit sites that are already reviewing the product and may want to reference these sites
  • Product Links and info
    • Each product may be from a different company with an affiliate program
      • Store links to product
      • Affiate links for posts
        • There may be several types of links for different platforms etc.
      • Product stats and information
  • Write posts
    • Will need to outline posts
      • including specific notes for product
  • Advertising
    • Will need ToDo list for all advertising efforts
      • Social networks
      • Forums
      • Articles
    • Word of Mouth Advertising
      • Contact info

The above is not a complete list of Affiliate Marketers methods, but with WorkFlowy all the above can be nicely organized within ONE Single Bullet Point.

For me, I consider WorkFlowy another Affiliate Marketers Power Tool and I’d be scrambling with several program applications to keep it all together if it wasn’t for WorkFlowy.

Wrapping up WorkFlowy

You’ve probably figured out by now that I really love WorkFlowy for its ease of use and the different ways that you can use the program.

If there were anything that I wish WorkFlowy would incorporate into the program is Calendar integration and Reminders for ToDo Lists. If those were part of WorkFlowy, I’d class it as a Super Power Tool.

I hope you do give WorkFlowy a try for yourself. It is free to use, and if you do want to take advantage of an additional 250 link items a month right from the get go, just click this link.


Frank aka Foxxfyrre





    • Hi Sherry,

      Thanks for stopping in.
      I’m glad you like the site. It’s never too late to use WorkFlowy no matter what other programs you are using for similar purposes.
      You’ll probably find that you’ll think “Where has WorkFlowy been all my life” lol

      At least that the way I feel about it.


  1. Very interesting. This is about my first time to know such a great tool as “WorkFlowy” exist to organize my work as an affiliate marketer. I think I like this feature where WorkFlowy can be used as a powerful WebClipper that I can add to Chrome so that I can clip any website that I am browsing to a single list.

    Thanks for this beautiful review on WorkFlowy.

    Best of success!

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      WorkFlowy really does save me enormous amount of time for both research and post writing. I’m a very slow writer because I get way to critical as I write. With Workflowy, because it organises you so well, it helps my writing.

      The Webclipper is just brilliant. I’ve used so many webclipper type apps, but WorkFlowy allows you to work with the clip after you’ve clipped it, if you get my meaning lol.
      When I actually go a write a post, everything I need is right there, from the outline, to the research, the bookmarks (even the image bookmarks I’ll use in the post). I don’t have to use 3 or 4 different programs that don’t integrate with each other to get the info-or worse yet, I’ll just forget where I stashed the info.


  2. Hello,
    What a great find! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome tool! I checked it out – it truly helps in organizing my work, and also seems to be convenient for other personal and family use. I’d like to mention that at free sign-up, I received this message: “You can currently create 100 WorkFlowy items per month.” (maybe it recently changed from 500) But, I think it still should be enough, at least for my work. Thank you again, and all the best to you!

    • HI Julia,

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      I hope you like WorkFlowy, it really changes the way I work.
      They have changed the amount that you can receive for recommending WorkFlowy to someone. Both people, the referrer and referee will receive 250 extra link items per month.

      Happy WorkFlowing Julia

  3. That’s a lot of features for something that only costs $4.99 a month. Me personally I’m not sure whether I would use it because I just have to write down things on a piece of paper in order for me to properly understand and learn things but I can see the appeal WorkFlowy has. I also never knew “halo” was an actual term aside from the video game so thanks for letting me know about that.

    I like the WebClipper option though since I am always doing research and keeping the website for future reference or in a place where I can easily access it would save me a whole bunch of time. So I might use it for that since nothing can separate me from my pen and paper.

    I never even knew something like this existed so thank you for shedding light on these softwares Frank. Out of 10 what would you give WorkFlowy?

    • Hi Zahub,

      Thanks for stopping in!

      I think that you will find that Workflowy will really compliment your written notes. I do a lot of mini notes through the day while I’m at work, so if an idea comes to mind, I can quickly transcribe and flesh-out my written notes.

      WorkFlowy is free to use for a limited amount of list items per month which for most is enough for simple note taking and bookmarking.

      For a rating out of ten, I definitely would give it a very high 9.5 rating. The only reason I don’t give it a perfect score, is that its Todo functionality is sadly missing alerts and easy dating of tasks. But I have just recently received an update alert that WorkFlowy will be adding more functionality to its task & todo functionality. Just waiting to see how that is going to be implemented.

      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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