Snip.ly: A URL Shortening Tool With the Works-My Review

Snip.ly Sall-To-Action URL ShortenerSnip.ly at a Glance

Name: Snip.ly

Website: Snip.ly


  • Free (Single Brand, 1000 Clicks / Month limit)
  • Basic $29.00 / Month
  • Pro $79.00 / Month
  • Business $149.00 / Month
  • Agency $299.00 / Month

Owners: Mike Cheng 

Overall Rank: (4.4 / 5)

Snip.ly What is it?

Snip.ly is a URL link shortener, but one that packs a lot of wallop.

Snip.ly not only shortens links, but also adds your own Branded Call-to-Action with the content that your are sharing. Your CTA will appear as a small advertisement as an overlay on your shared content. If someone clicks on that Snip.ly CTA, they will be taken to whatever site, landing page, email subscription form, or virtually anywhere you assign the CTA.

Below is a quick YouTube video that shows how to use Snip.ly.

Snip.ly can generate leads, increase traffic to your site, or FB page, increase sales through your funnels or even your affiliate program. There is really no limitation to how you want to use Snip.ly.

Who will use Snip.ly?

Bloggers, Website Owners, Affiliate Marketers (with or without their own websites), and content curators will all find uses for Snip.ly.

I use Snip.ly for all my affiliate marketing needs, but I use it in a very specific way which I’ll expand on in a bit.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Snip.ly is very easy to use. If you’ve used other URL shorteners, Snip.ly is not much more difficult to use.
  • You can change and customize your snips at anytime
  • Full range of analytics for your snips and CTAs
  • You can track conversions
  • You can share almost anything
  • Buffer and Hootsuite integration for Snip.ly links and you can share with or without Snip.ly
  • 1000 Snip.ly impressions per month on the free plan.
  • Snip.ly has an Affiliate program
  • Socially share your snips right from the Snip.ly dashboard
  • Snip.it button Chrome extension available at the Chrome Store

The Bad:

  • Some websites will have Snip.ly blocked to prevent ‘Hijacking’ their content
  • There is some controversy over programs like Snip.ly

The Snip.ly (and similar platforms) Controversy

There is a bit of controversy regarding Snip.ly and similar content curation tools. Many websites owners complain that Snip.ly would allow overlaying a snip over their site, and if someone clicks on the snip, they can be taken anywhere. They are upset, because they have no control over where they are sent. If they are running a family friendly site, the CTA could send them to a not so family friendly site.

The other side of this argument is that the shared content is gaining traffic and the benefits of that free traffic.

One blogger stated that he has gained 1000s of hits to his site from Snip.ly through a single CTA for it was driven via Click Funnels, thus he has made additional sales through his own site because of Snip.ly and someone sharing his content.

I can see both sides of this argument, but I don’t see any easy resolution. One blogger complained that Snip.ly is only OPT-OUT, whereas it should be an OPT-IN program if you don’t mind having your content shared, or where the CTA is sent.

How I use Snip.ly

I also do content curation through a web paper for Nearing Retirement And Broke, and My art based Facebook page. The papers that I curate content on are through the program called Paper.li.  With that paper I do use Snip.ly as a shortcut CTA to my #1 recommended site Wealthy Affiliate, and I share that paper on all my Social sites. The content that I create is relevant to the corresponding snip that overlays the entire paper and not an individual site.

Snip.ly Tools & Training


Snip.ly has a full suite of analytics to show you your clicks (actual views of the snip), and conversions (clicks on your CTA) and conversion rate percentage.

There is also an A/B testing analytic tool (Must be upgraded to use) where you can use different variants on your CTA and compare those results.

A chrome extension Snip.it tool is a convenient add on that creates a snip on the fly while you are browsing the web. That site can be added to an existing Snip, or you can create a new CTA from scratch with a different destination or purpose.

There is also a website embed script for Snip.ly in which you add the script to your website, which will allow you to use your own domain instead of Snip.ly.

  • You can then turn all your outbound links into a Snip.ly CTA, where anyone who clicks will be taken to a Snip.ly page with your CTA visible.
  • Have Snip.ly set to Always ON so that your site will have a CTA where you can collect leads, add to email list, or even re-direct your traffic to a landing page.


Through the help icon, and through support on the main menu, there is walk-throughs called “Learn the Basics” for all aspects of Snip.ly. The walk-throughs are searchable, and most frequent questions are listed and clickable.

Also on the support menu is a handy Tips and Strategies which there are 6 Topic cards each with 3 subtopics that are clickable. The subtopics take you to a blog post for that topic’s strategy. The topic’s cover advanced topic’s on how to do your A/B testing to Branding your snips.

Snip.ly Support

For support, there is a help icon which you can enter your question which will search its extensive FAQ and Troubleshooting page. You can also submit a question to support.

Clicking on the Help Desk in the main Snip.ly menu will take you to the FAQ and Troubleshooting page as well.

For every major tool in Snip.ly there is a small (?) icon which will bring up a dialog of that tools usage.

Snip.ly is a very easy to use and you will find that the FAQ will answer most of your questions.

Snip.ly Price

Snip.ly can be used free, but it has some limitations such as only a single brand, 1000 impressions per month.

The image below has full membership levels and details for Snip.ly

Snip.ly Pricing and Membership Levels

My Final Opinion of Snip.ly

Personally, I love Snip.ly. It is very easy to use and configure. You can see what the results are and if your CTAs have any effect.

Snip.ly is also a great tool to use in Traffic Exchanges for you can add another level of easy CTA on any landing page. For example, you can have a landing page for your site, but your CTA on Snip.ly could have a free offer, or free eBook download. Quick, and easy targeting on TEs where attention spans are really short.

Controversy over Hijacking content aside, if Snip.ly is used in a manner that is relevant to both the content you are sharing and your own CTAs I don’t see that as much of a problem. I do, however, see that Snip.ly can be used unethically by some and could be problems for the content owners. What do you think about this issue?

I do hope that you enjoyed this review of Snip.ly, and if you’d like to try it yourself for free use this link here. If you are using Snip.ly, I’d love to hear what you think of Snip.ly in the comments below.

Snip.ly at a Glance

  • Name: Snip.lyWebsite: Snip.lyPrice:
    • Free (Single Brand, 1000 Clicks / Month limit)
    • Basic $29.00 / Month
    • Pro $79.00 / Month
    • Business $149.00 / Month
    • Agency $299.00 / Month

    Owners: Mike Cheng 

    Overall Rank: (4.4 / 5)



Frank Sirianni

Nearing Retirement and Broke

Nearing Retirement And Broke

Frank Sirianni


  1. Hello Frank, I love the name of your website. At my age (61) it is very appropriate for me to learn what I can of what you are teaching.
    Thank you for the tip on link shortening. That will be useful. You have a lot of information listed here that is all part of internet marketing that any online marketer should know.
    Tracking all those stats seems amazing.
    The video was nice. Seeing the site and watching someone do the work makes good sense.
    Placing the graphic on the difference comparing the basic, Pro, business, and agency was a solid touch. Your final opinion made things much clearer. Thank you.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping in!

      Glad you like the site. I spent a lot of time thinking of how I could develop this site to help anyone that is near retirement, or beyond,  that needs to find another source of income, or anyone for that matter 🙂

      The Snip.ly program is a very useful tool, but I do suggest that it’s to be used with care. Many websites are blocking the tool because of the idea that not only are we sharing their website, but our links may be seen as inappropriate for that website. 

      Used in a manner that won’t raise those kind of objections, Snip.ly is very powerful and can really help target your promotional needs. 


      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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