SiteRubix: Free Website Building and Hosting Review

SiteRubix: Website Builder and Hosting Review at a Glance

SiteRubix Build Stunning Free WebsitesName: SiteRubix
Website: SiteRibix.com
Price: Free
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: (4.8 / 5)

SiteRubix: What is it?

SiteRubix is a free website building and hosting platform that is brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate. Websites built with SiteRubix are managed WordPress websites. With the free version of SiteRubix, you are able to create two websites under the .siterubix.com sub-domain. Included with the free SiteRubix hosting are 12 WordPress themes that are responsive so that they are mobile friendly. There are more advanced themes, but to access or download your own themes, you will need to upgrade your SiteRubix account.

I created “Nearing Retirement And Broke” using SiteRubix.

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, so I have access to the upgraded benefits of SiteRubix.

The theme I’m using is not a premium theme and is available for free users of SiteRubix. I happen to like this theme, so until I find a theme that works just as nice and has the elements I want, I’ll stick to this theme.

Who is SiteRubix For?

SiteRubix is for anyone who wants to have a fully functional website up and running. Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, Bloggers, and Hobbyists may all use SiteRubix for their own purposes, but if you are looking to start a site to make money and start your own business, SiteRubix is a great way to get started without any overhead.

SiteRubix is very user friendly, and if you have minimal technical skills, their hosting platform makes creating your website very easy to do.

SiteRubix is Great for beginners, or those that want to experiment with an affiliate marketing business site to test their ideas.

Why is SiteRubix different from other hosting sites?

If you decide on creating a free website with SiteRubix, they have taken the majority of the technical aspects of building your site away, and you can have your site up almost immediately sans your content of course. All you need to do is decide on a name for your website (which you can enter below) and you’ll be taken right to your site’s back office where you can decide on a theme and create some posts.

Enter your website name into the prompt below and you are off and running.


If you are planning on creating your website for affiliate marketing, that’s great because your SiteRubix website will give you access to training and lessons in a learn-by-doing approach and your website will be SEO ready and optimized for your marketing endeavors.

Should you decide later to upgrade your website to your own domain name and drop the .siterubix.com sub-domain, there is a very easy one-click transfer button within SiteRubix. No fiddling, no technical work, no being on hold with a call center or online-chat help.

You will have to research that your site name for your domain is available to use.

Best Juicer EverFor example: if your free site was named BestFruitJuicersEver.siterubix.com and you want BestFruitJuicersEver.com you may have to check that BestFruitJuicersEver is not already being used. If it’s not, one click and you have your own BestFruitJuicersEver domain name.

Other hosting sites, like GoDaddy and HostGator, you would have to deal with C-Panel and then toggle with getting WordPress installed which would not be optimized or managed.

Online Website Builders like Wix and Weebly do have free accounts, but are very limited with free versions. You will also have a sub-domain unless you upgrade with their hosting. There are further upgrades for business accounts, ECommerce each with their own price points.

The Good & the Bad

SiteRubix has taken the technical side of website building and made it easy to get a WordPress website up and running with just a few simple clicks. It’s really a good platform for beginners, and even seasoned affiliate marketers appreciate it’s ease of use. But there’s more good points to mention with SiteRubix

The Good:

  • WordPress sites are managed and optimized with select plugins that will assist your site’s performance and rankings
  • Training and lessons that are available for free users will have your site ready to start a real affiliate marketing business
  • Technical support is available for serious issues through SiteSupport via a support ticket
  • Unlike other Free Website Builder programs, SiteRubix does not brand the free sites with their own advertising to gain more customers. There is no “Create your own SiteRubix Site Free” anywhere on your site.
  • You can create two free sites with the SiteRubix platform

Free SiteRubix sites do have some disadvantages because of carrying the .siterubix.com sub-domain

The Bad:

  • Sub-domains are a little more difficult to attain good rankings with Google. Google prefers straight domains and give preference to them. You can still rank very well with a sub-domain, but you will get nowhere unless your create content. (You’ll get nowhere with a straight domain without creating good relevant content as well)
  • You only have access to 12 WordPress themes. They are all responsive and therefore are mobile friendly, but you might find that you want a theme style that is different from ones provided.
  • You are limited to the plugins provided


SiteRubix: Tools & Training

Siterubix’s tools are one of the best features of working with this platform. Not only are they easy to use and work with, they do provide some unique features that other hosting platforms are in dire need of utilizing.

SiteRubix Tools


SiteRubix Tools Explained

  • SiteManager
    • You can access all of your websites you’ve built through SiteManager
    • Provides protected access to WordPress platform to log in
    • Reveiw your sites health and other metrics
  • SiteBuilder
    • Build your site on the free domain
    • On a domain you own
    • Register a domain
  • SiteDomains
    • Search and register domain names-no need to register or search elsewhere for availablity
  • SiteContent
    • This is my favorite tool within SiteRubix. It is a powerful content editor for your site that has some very cool features
      • Grammar and Spell Check
      • Setting Goals such as publishing posts within a set time, or even word count goals across many posts within a time frame you set.
      • Goal Tracking. Once you set your writing and publishing goals, SiteContent will let you know your success rate in achieving those goals
      • One Click publishing to your site
        • Once published with SiteContent, you can still edit or update your posts within the WordPress Editor
    • SiteComments and SiteFeedback are not available to free users of SiteRubix. If you upgrade your SiteRubix within Wealthy Affiliate, these two powerful tools come into play and help you polish your site and contents via feedback from members. With SiteComments, your site will rank much quicker through engagement via relevant comments on your site. Google likes sites with engagement.
  • SiteSupport
    • Support for technical issues is available via support ticket for free members. Upgraded members have 27/7/365 live support for any technical issues on their site.

Building your site through SiteRubix, will give you premium access to Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days. You can take advantage of all the support, training materials, courses, and the active WA Community who can help you with many aspects of building a successful affiliate marketing website. My advice is to take full advantage of those 7 days.

SiteRubix Price

SiteRubix is free to make two websites under the .siterubix.com sub-domain. As I just mentioned above, you will have premium access to Wealthy Affiliate for 7 Days and all the help WA can offer to get your site up and running successfully.

Upgrading to premium with Wealthy Affiliate will give you full access to the Wealthy Affiliate program and resources. You will now be able to have 25 Websites with your own domain and 25 Free websites under the .siterubix.com sub-domain.

Premium membership to Weathy Affiliate is $49.00 per month or $369.00 yearly.

You will also have to pay a small fee per to purchase and host your domain for each website that you want to own, currently under $14.00 per year per domain.

SiteRubix: My Final Take

My first experience with using SiteRubix was when I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member. I created a website using a SiteRubix sub-domain. It was also my first time using the WordPress Platform to create a site. SiteRubix tools did make it easy for me to create the site, but using WordPress for the first time was a little more daunting.

Wealthy Affiliate has Phase One Training in their Online Certification Course that is available for Starter Members. This will get you over the first hurdles of using WordPress and its’s user platform.

I’ve since upgraded to premium with Wealthy Affiliate and now have the full SiteRubix tools available to me along with all the benefits of Affiliate Marketing Training within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you just want to create your one or two websites Free with SiteRubix, by all means go for it. And do take advantage of the Phase One training especially if you are unfamiliar with using WordPress.

I have used both HostGator, and GoDaddy as web hosts prior to upgrading with Wealthy Affiliate, and in my opinion SiteRubix is a far superior website builder and hosting platform. And much easier to use.

SiteRubix Review at a Glance…
Name: SiteRubix
Website: SiteRibix.com
Price: Free
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: (4.8 / 5)

If you would like more information on becoming an Affiliate Marketer, read my #1 Recommendation review here 


Frank Sirianni


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Frank Sirianni


  1. Siterubix sounds like a good platform. Is it simple enough for beginners? If I joined as a free member is it possible to stay a free member and yet be able to promote my site and earn money?
    Thank you for you article. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Thanks for stopping in Lee Ann,

      SiteRubix is a great platform and all the tools are very easy for beginners to work with.
      If you join as a free member, you will have two free websites under the SiteRubix sub-domain and you can stay as a free member as long as you like.
      You can promote your site and earn money with your site as well. The only caveat being that it is a website built under a sub-domain which can be a bit more difficult to rank under Google, but not impossible.

      If you need any more information, I’ll be glad to help.

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