Paid To Click Programs, Are They Worth the Work?

You’ll Run Into PTC Programs Searching for Ways to Make Money On-line

paid to click programs to earn moneyIf you have been looking on-line for ways to make money, you may have run into several programs that will fall into the PTC category. I’ll be discussing PTC programs in general and not any specific program in this post.


So what are PTC Programs?

PTC (Paid To Click) programs are platforms on-line that you can join free to participate in to earn money on-line for just viewing advertisements. There are many, many of these programs on-line, but one you may have run into is Neobux.

When you join a PTC site, you will be clicking on a limited amount of advertisements and will earn a bit of cash for every ad you view. The payments scheme per site will vary, but usually your earnings per ad will range from $0.001 to $0.02 USD per ad. The payment rate varies not only by site, but even within a site for some ads are classified as mini ads which will have lower earnings to major ad type which will have higher earnings.

With most PTCs you can also earn more per ad for upgrading within their system. Again, this will vary per website.

Although, on the surface, you may think that PTC sites are similar to traffic exchanges. The only real similarity is that you will view ads, but with PTC sites you will view to earn cash whereas, TEs you will view others ads to gain traffic to your own site, or business.

You can add your site for free in a Traffic Exchange to gain views, but with a PTC you will have to pay advertising fees to have your site listed in the PTC. This is the basis of the PTC business model, where they become the ‘middle-man’ between paid advertisers and earners that will view the ads.

Many PTCs have added additional methods in which to earn on their site along with viewing of ads. Examples are completing Surveys, completing Offers, and completing tasks such as those provided by CrowdFlower or other providers.

PTCs and their referral system.

paid to click referral upline systemWith all PTCs, you can earn more money from gaining referrals and you will earn a percentage of the referrals ad view earnings. The more referrals you have the more you can earn. But you have to be active yourself to earn from your referrals. Most have the rule that to earn from your referrals earnings yesterday, you must click your minimum ads yourself today.

So if you miss a days work in viewing advertisements, you will not earn your commission from your referrals that worked yesterday.

With Many PTCs you are not allowed to refer people directly until you’ve been an active member for a limited time, or you must be an upgraded member to refer directly. Some have no restriction on gaining personal referrals.

Limiting when and how you can gain referrals gives the PTC an edge to gain direct referrals in order to provide them for rentals to increase their revenue.

Working with PTCs you will find that many users will join many PTC sites and do their daily ad views, but they will advertise on Traffic exchanges all the PTCs that they are working to gain referrals to increase their earnings.

Advertising on TEs is free versus paying for advertising on a PTC site.

Most PTCs offer rented referrals. These are referrals that have joined the site through the PTCs own referral system, and they are offered to users for a limited amount of time. You will earn from their ad views. They also provide some analytics for you so that you can tell which referrals you’ve rented are active. If some are not active, you can recycle some non active referrals for new ones for a small fee per referral.

Rented referrals are offered in ‘bundles’ at sale rates for larger bundles. Again, this varies a lot with each PTC site.

Some sites offer referral purchases that are yours to keep, and you can not recycle them if they turn out to be duds.

The Referral Matrix

pyramis schemeFrom PTC to PTC, there is usually a level-based matrix system of referrals where you can earn from referrals to various levels deep. There are so many types of matrices, and compensation plans that different PTCs offer that it would be beyond the scope here to describe the different types.

If you are familiar with any type of MLM style matrix compensation plan, a PTC site will have its own take and compensation plan for its matrix.




Legit PTC sites versus The ‘Not So Legit’ Sites

As I’ve touched on above, there are many, many PTC sites that you can join and earn from. Many are legitimate and paying while others are very sketchy to downright scam sites. If you want to join a PTC site, I’d suggest doing a Google search for ‘PTC Scam Checker’ this will give you a list of websites that do monitor PTC sites for legitimacy. One such site is PTCCentral (screen-shot below).


PTC Central Not Recommded sites

I’ve included a screen-shot from PTCCentral’s Not Recommended list to illustrate what they watch for in reporting such sites. The list of sites in their Not Recommended is extensive, and sites they have on their ‘Watch List‘ is also huge.


PayPal Payment processor versus PTC sites

PayPal has recently dropped any association with PTC sites not only because of the high rate of scam sites, but also because of their MLM or ‘Pyramid’ type modeling for referrals. One of the oldest and most trusted PTC sites is ClickSense.

ClickSense has dropped their PTC segment altogether. The have also rearranged their referral model to a linear (single line) of personal referrals. Their commissions structure is now 20% on all referral activity within the site. As a result, ClickSense has been able to retain their relationship with PayPal as their payment processor.

ClickSense has become the single largest portal for Surveys on the Internet. There are other means to earn with ClickSense, but PTC is not one of them anymore.

Many PTC sites that were classed as legitimate sites, have ceased business due to PayPal’s decision to drop association with PTC sites, because they have found it difficult to maintain membership levels and retention due to losing this popular payment processor.

Are PTC sites worth the work then?

In my opinion, PTC sites have had their heyday and aren’t worth the trouble to join. When sites like ClickSense and Neobux first started out, they provided an easy way to earn on-line and quickly became quite popular because of it.

And, If you happened to find it easy to gain referrals, you could make a good earning with just these two sites.

But with the influx of scam sites over the years, and due to the ease of getting a script to run a PTC site, many people are avoiding PTC sites altogether. Once bitten, twice shy as they say.

I’ve put this website together to help retirees, or those nearing retirement – like I am – to find legitimate ways to earn money on-line to ease any financial difficulties while entering that new segment of their lives.

Too many people are going to retire with just their pensions to live on, thus their personal standard of living can change quite drastically due to fixed pensions. PTC sites will do little to ease any financial difficulties one may be going through.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on earning on-line. There are much better ways to earn on-line than PTC sites. Many of these ways I’ll be discussing and/or reviewing in future posts. But if you are really interested in earning on-line, my best recommendation would be to Join Wealthy Affiliate.


Please, read my full review here. WA is my #1 recommendation to start a real business on-line.


Frank Sirianni aka Foxxfyrre


Frank Sirianni


  1. Thanks Frank for your thorough descriptions of PTC’s. I had heard the term but never looked into it. It does seem like a lot of work for what you would earn. I think the best success for those of us nearing retirement is to have our own online business. There are so many opportunities with affiliate marketing.
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are the best teaching platform I’ve found online.
    Best wishes to you,

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for stopping in!

      PTC sites can be a lot of work for the money you can earn. When the first started out years ago, they were an easy way to earn a few bucks online, but with all the sketchy PTC sites out there it’s not worth the trouble to work with them.

      Yes, affiliate marketing can be so much more fruitful, but you have to be prepared to invest real time and work into your business.
      Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to get started in affiliate marketing, and I’m glad you found it.

      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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