LeadsLeap: A Wealth of Tools for Traffic and Leads-Full Review

LeadsLeap Proven Ways to EarnLeadsLeap at a Glance

Name: LeadsLeap
Website: LeadsLeap.com (Join Free)
Price: Free – Pro Member $27.00/Month

Owners: Kenneth Koh
Overall Rank: (4.7 / 5)

LeadsLeap Marketing PlatformLeadsLeap: What is it?

LeadsLeap is a few things.

  1. It’s a lead generating platform that will help you capture leads for your business. It’s also a traffic exchange, but a very different kind-I’ll explain further in a bit
  2. It’s an advertising platform that isn’t limited to internal advertising.
  3. It has a product review platform called Social Review where you can do a review of any program that your are affiliated with, and these reviews can rank well in Google.
  4. It has a referral program where you can earn by promoting LeadsLeap and gaining referrals. More on that later.

All the above combined are designed to bring leads to your business and traffic to your site, and best of all it’s all Free.

In #2 above, I mentioned that LeadsLeap is also a traffic exchange. It has very similar components to a traffic exchange, but before I go into that let me explain the difference between traffic and leads.

Traffic is simply a visitor to your website or blog. Advertising and writing quality content for your site to rank in Google are a couple of ways to get traffic ‘visitors’ to your site.

Leads are people that you can interact with, because you have obtained basic information from them such as their email address. You can turn your traffic into leads. Lead capture pages and email opt-in forms are a couple of examples of how to obtain leads.

To put it simply, traffic can become leads and leads can become YOUR buyers/customers/affiliates/referrals etc.

LeadsLeap Traffic Exhange Component

I’m not going to go into how traffic exchanges work, but I will explain how LeadsLeap differs from a regular traffic exchange. If you don’t know how traffic exchanges operate, please visit my post on traffic exchanges, I detail how TEs work in depth.

First off, LeadsLeap has no TIMER to view sites. Most traffic exchanges limit your view of a site for 5-20 seconds before you verify your view and move on to the next site. As a Free Member, you will have 3 slots in which to place your ads for your sites to put into rotation.

But your ads won’t just stay within the TE surf area which would only be viewed by members within the TE. Your ad is also shown in the members area and on LeadsLeap’s own blogs. LeadsLeap’s blogs also rank in Google, so Non-LeadsLeap members can also see your ad.

LeadsLeap pays you continuously for viewing a site up to a maximum of 3 minutes. If a site is of no interest to you, just move on, but if one is interesting you will make more by staying on the site. If you surf a minimum or 10 sites per day, you will also earn from the Weekly Revenue Share, which is on top of your earnings from surfing.

If you have read my post on traffic exchanges, you will know that surfing for cash or credits should not be your focus for joining these types of sites. With the traffic exchange strategies that I do outlay in that post, the same strategies can apply with LeadsLeap’s TE component.

And it’s where LeadsLeap really differs, because it has the tools to put those strategies into play right under one roof.

LeadsLeap own leads tools will put all of that strategy-and more-into play for you.

LeadsLeap Leads Component

LeadsLeap has 7 powerful tools you can use to turn your traffic into leads. I will explain each tool in the Tools and Training section below.

Who is LeadsLeap for?

There are two types of people that will use LeadsLeap

1) People who join traffic exchanges to earn money by surfing advertisements and gain referrals to all their TEs to increase their efforts and earnings.

2) Bloggers, Website Owners, and IM Marketers who join to take advantage of the lead tools that LeadsLeap offers in order to build upon and expand their businesses.

No matter what category of member you are, all the tools are FREE to use.

LeadsLeap Tools and Training

I’ll start with the good stuff-All the free tools

1) Advertising

Free members have 3 ad slots, and must surf at least 10 sites to have their ads rotated. Upgraded members have 10 ad slots and do not have to surf to have their ads shown.

But as I mentioned earlier, ads are not limited to the ad surf bar and LeadsLeap distributes ads in many ways;

  • Ads are shown in the Members Area
  • On LeadsLeap’s own blog
  • On others Blogs/Websites through an ad widget
    • LeadsLeap claims to have over 4000 members that display their ad widget, thus your ad is not limited to LeadsLeap members only because of the traffic that these members may get to their sites.
  • Ads are also shown on LeadsLeap tracker when combined with the Rotator and AD Bar
    • These are tools that when combined work very well on TE’s, PTC sites, and Forums

2) LeadsLeap Ad Widget

LeadsLeap Ad Widget
If you are a blogger or website owner, you can add the Ad Widget to your site to monetize it. The Ad Widget is customisable and responsive so that it is also Mobile friendly.

Anyone that clicks on the ad on your site, you will earn credits for and earn in the weekly Rev Share. The longer people look at the ad they’ve clicked, the more you will earn.

Free members must have the widget on their site for ads to rotate through all other widgets in the system. Upgraded members ads will be shown on widgets whether they have the Widget on their site or not.

The Ad Widget can run along with Google Adsense-Google does allow this.

Your own Ad is rotated throughout all Ad Widgets in the system.

If someone clicks on the Promote Your Link Free, they will be taken to LeadsLeap and then can become your referral for it is embedded with your referral link. An automatic Referral tool.

Every Ad in the system is manually checked for quality, for Kenneth Koh has a strict policy on ad quality. No warez, pornography, gambling or other offensive content.

3) The Real Tracker
LeadsLeap Real Tracker

Most link trackers are limited to only tracking clicks on a link. The Real Tracker does much more.
The Real Tracker Tracks

  • Total Clicks
  • Unique Clicks
  • Duration on your link target (How long someone is actually on your site)
  • Response
  • Conversion (clicks on your site)

It also tracks the traffic source and country of origin.

These abilities of the Real Tracker are supposed to help you distinguish actual visitors to your link, or bots.

You can use any link you want to track with the Real Tracker.

The Real Tracker can also be combined with two powerful tools

A rotator, which will rotate all your tracked links and can be used on TEs and PTC sites

You can also Cross-Promote your tracked link by adding the link an Ad Bar

LeadsLeap Ad Bar
The AD Bar has an optional timer and will disappear when it has counted down. It also contains your referral link information so that if someone clicks on Powered by LeadsLeap, you can automatically gain a referral if they join LeadsLeap.

4) Automatic Downline Builder

With the tools that I’ve discussed so far, many of them have your referral link embedded within the tool itself. It makes sense that there would be an Automatic Downline Builder, because you can build down-lines even without directly promoting LeadsLeap. And if you do promote directly could you imagine your down-line growth when combined with these tools.

LeadsLeap down-line tool is a 10 Level Deep matrix and you can earn commission from your first level down-lines. You also earn credits from your down-lines surfing ( from all 10 Levels) which you can allocate to your ads, or encash for money. (If you are a pro member, you don’t need credits for your ads so you can just encash them. Free members can encash credits as well, but most are more likely to use credits for advertising).

This 10 Level deep matrix (pyramid) sounds like it could be MLM or other scheme, but Kenneth assures the following:

LeasLeap Downline BuilderYou can message all levels of your down-line with a Messaging System right in your Members area. Your down-lines can view the message in their own Dashboard.

5) LeadsLeap PopupXpert

LeadsLeap PopupXpert

I know, we all hate annoying popups when we’re browsing on the web. But PopupXpert is not your average popup generator.

You can create:

  • LightBox Popups
  • Folding corner website popup
  • End of page popup
  • Exit intent popup
  • Floating popup
  • Mobile popup etc.

Unlike other free popup tools, you are not limited to a type of popup or standard templates that come with the free program. PopupXpert is fully customisable, and if you have any experience with programs like Photoshop, you will find it easy to use.

And it’s a smart popup. Nothing is more annoying than when you have subscribed to a websites offer, and when you return to the site, the same popup is after you again.

There is a cookie setting tool you can set for PopupXexpert so that it can distinguish your web traffic and send different popups based on previous visits.

6) LeadsLeap AutoResponder *NEW* and also FREE

LeadsLeap has recently introduced and autoresponder for their members.

The autoresponder can be combined with PopupXpert to capture lead information and send them an email.

This has been the most requested feature by members and Kenneth has obliged.

Now you can create your Lead Magnet, prepare some sort of offer using PopupXpert, and finally have the autoresponder deliver your offer for you. Now you have a complete funnel system for your business.

The limitation for the autoresponder is that it isn’t designed for full email campaigned with followup emails, Newsletter messages, or the like. It is a single email autoresponder, for most members this fits their needs nicely.

7) LeadsLeap Social Reviews

I have mentioned a bit about Social Review and how they can rank in Google.

Let’s say that you are an affiliate marketer and you write a review for program ABC. Your affiliate link to ABC is included with the review.

Every page of the LeadsLeap platform can be turned into a LeadsLeap referral link by simply adding ?r-YourUserName to the end of the URL

If you want to share your review anywhere just add the tag to the end of your review and now you are promoting your ABC program, but you can also get referrals to LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap OTO ListBuilder Scrip

LeadsLeap OTO List Builder Script

The LeadsLeap OTO ListBuilder Script is probably the most advanced tool in LeadsLeap’s arsenal.

This tool does require that you have your own domain.

This script is a complete marketing system that includes: An Autoresponder, a Mass mailer, a One-Time-Offer management system, Payment integration system, and an Affiliate Marketing System.

You have your website and you have an awesome free product and you get opt ins for that free product through OTO.

Your leads can then promote that product on their sites with their affiliate links from OTO. Your list is now growing virally.

You can check out OTO List Builder and take it for a test drive as both a visitor and as an admin so you can see how it works from both perspectives. Just follow this my link to the download page where you can take it for a test run, or download it if you decide it’s the tool for you.

Here’s the link, and there’s no obligation to opt in to LeadsLeap for you to download it

Kenneth assures that this is not just a PLR script you can download. It is fully developed and maintained by LeadsLeap. And is fully supported by LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap Support and Training

Every tool and step that you take within the site, there is a yellow banner across the top of the page with initial information and a Learn More link. The link brings up a full explanation of the tool, how to use it, and notes any limitations on its use.
If you are still stuck you can contact support and leave a support ticket to get help. If there is an issue, you can now cut-and-paste a screenshot of your problem right into the support ticket.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Like I stated at the beginning of this review, LeadsLeap is not your average Traffic Exchange. No, with all the tools it’s much, much more than that.

Everything about LeadsLeap is designed for the marketer to give their efforts a boost.

The Bad:

LeadsLeap is a large platform and can take a while to get used to using the tools or even getting around. It can be a little overwhelming at first.

If you take it one step at a time and click on the Learn More Links at the top of all the tools pages, you will get the hang of everything pretty quickly.

LeadsLeap Price:

LeadsLeap is completely free to use. Pro Memberships are $27.00 per month

Free members can take full advantage of all the tools, but there are some limitations for free members

  • Free members must click on ads to earn credits for their advertising
  • Must have widget on their sites for ads to rotate on other members widgets
  • 25% affiliate earnings from referral upgrades (lifetime recurring commission)
  • 3 Ad Slots for clickable ads
  • No spill over referrals from direct LeadsLeap referrals
  • Limit of 10 rotators and 10 Ad bars
  • Limit of 10 PopupXpert Campains
  • $30 charge for LeadsLeap to install OTO List Builder for you
    • Support for OTO is limited to bug fixes

Pro Members

  • No need to surf to gain credits-simply encash them
  • No Limit on Rotators or Ad Bars
  • 10 Clickable Ads
  • 10 Pro Ads
  • Affiliate link for Social Reviews rotated at 4:5 ratio
  • Referral spill over from LeadsLeap direct referrals
  • 50% earnings on referral commissions (lifetime recurring commission)
  • No charge for OTO Installation and full Technical support

My Final Opinion of LeadsLeap

I feel that I can easily recommend LeadsLeap for it does deliver the tools that I can use as an affiliate marketer.

LeadsLeap is unlike any other Traffic Exchange for you can really tell that Kenneth Koh is a marketer and knows what we need for both traffic and tools to gain leads. The bonus is that most tools are not restricted to use just on the LeadsLeap Platform.

I do recommend that you do have a business to promote to utilize LeadsLeap to its maximum potential. Using LeadsLeap to just view ads to gain referrals can take a long time with limited earning potential.

I use LeadsLeap and it really helps in my marketing efforts. I use it to promote and market all my affiliate programs especially my #1 recommended Program Wealthy Affiliate.

LeadsLeap Review at a Glance

  • Name: LeadsLeap
  • Website:LeadsLeap.com (Join Free)
  • Price: Free
    Owners: Kenneth Koh
  • Overall Rank: (4.7 / 5) 


Frank Sirianni







  1. I’ve not heard of this program before.

    As a blogger, I’m very much interested in the lead generating platform to capture leads for my business.

    It sounds similar to Mass Planner which has since been discontinued because of the abuse it was getting on the Instagram social medium, so I’m looking for another tool.

    Currently, I’m focusing on SEO to drive traffic to my site and hoping to gain potential customers from my visitors.

    I’d love to promote a page/post that I know will be high converting. Is this something I can do or is it out of my hands to choose what my ad slots are?


    • Hi Jaqueline,

      Thanks for stopping in!

      You are in complete control of what ads you want to promote for your business. Each ad you place will be reviewed so that it doesn’t breech their policies for offensive type ads (there is a list of whats not allowed on the site)

      Like any traffic exchange, I wouldn’t suggest posting a page or post directly, but rather have a unique landing or opt-in page that will direct them to your site and post/page you want to promote or having them join your email list. 

      Joining as a free member, you will be able to post up to 3 credit ads for your promotions. 

      If you do go the Premium route with LeadsLeap, you will be able to place up to 10 Credit ads, and additionally 10 Pro Ads, that you do not need to exhange credits for views. The Pro Ads are circulated thought LeadsLeaps ads channels, emails, blogs, and members area. 


      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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