Jaaxy: SEO and Keyword Research Tool Full Review

Jaaxy SEO and Keyword Research ToolJaaxy Review at a Glance

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website: Jaaxy.com
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Price: Free Trial (30 Searches), Premium, Enterprise
  • Overall Scam Rank: (4.9 / 5)

Jaaxy, What is It?

When’s the last time you were thinking of something, and you thought “I’ll just Google It”?

Probably just moments ago-Right?

I’m always Googling something.

But what if there was something specific you had in mind, and you need more information on that topic. Again, you would Google it, or Bing it, or Yahoo it. Heck, you might even ask Siri. (At least if she can’t find it, she’ll offer to play you a song).

My point is, anything that you’ve searched for on any platform, has brought up pages, upon pages of search results from sites that have your search term on a page in their site. I’m quite sure you didn’t go to page 14 and clicked on the sixth item down.

The goal of every site in those search results, is to have their site on the first page of Search Results for that query, or Keyword you’ve just entered.

Every Website owner or Blogger wants their posts to be indexed in Google and show up on the first page of search results, ideally within the first few entries. To do this effectively they need tools, powerful ones.
One of the best and most powerful SEO and Keyword Research tools is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy was built by the same team, namely Kyle and Carson, who also created Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate had its start as a membership Keyword building site, but evolved way beyond that.

Jaaxy’s power is in its reporting of keyword results. Let’s say you want to promote an item to sell as an affiliate. The item you choose is Instant Pot (you know, that fancy programmable pressure cooker that was really hot last holiday season).

If you assume that there would be lots of competing sites and lots of searches for just the term Intant Pot, you’d be correct. If you were trying to rank your post on instant pot just on that keyword, you’d be up against thousands of sites. The reason is that Instant Pot is just too broad a keyword, but what if we were to go a little narrower and enter that term into Jaaxy. For this example, Instant Pot is for cooking so what about Intant Pot recipes, but I decided to go even narrower and try Instant Pot Vegan Recipes. I’ve included the screenshot of that result below:

Jaaxy Results Page
I will explain all columns and the data below in Jaaxy tools & training, but for the moment I want you to notice the Keyword column on the left, and the Related column on the far right.

Jaaxy not only returned results for my vegan recipes search, but included other terms between pot and recipes. On this keyword result alone, I’ve now got 10 good possibilities for other keyword posts that I could do all centered around Instant Pot.

The column on the far right, Jaaxy has returned other search terms that are related to my instant pot vegan recipes search term. If I were to enter any of those into Jaaxy, I would get a whole new set of keyword terms that I could make posts and rank highly for Instant Pot (and get affiliate sales for my efforts).

This is just one example, and why I think that Jaaxy is one of the most powerful SEO and Keyword Research tools there is.

Who is Jaaxy For?

If you are writing any content and want to have it ranked in search results, then You need Jaaxy.

You may think I took the easy way out in answering that question, but really I didn’t. You want your post ranked in SERPs, then you need this platform.

Are you creating content right now for your blog or website?

If so, give Jaaxy a try for free right here, right now. Just enter a Keyword search into the box below. With a free trial, you get 30 free searches to see if Jaaxy is a right fit for you.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

I promised above that I would explain the column entries for Jaaxy, so here’s an enlarged screen shot of my example above:

Jaaxy screenshot
1) Keyword

You can see the keyword I searched for in the search box above. In the keyword column, Jaaxy returns your search phrase as the first row result. It also includes closely related variations on that original phrase that people have also searched for.

2) Avg

This is the Average monthly searches that have been done on that keyword phrase. On my keyword in the first row, there have been an average of 336 total searches that people have entered into search. This estimate will vary over time, but is very accurate with current data.

3) Traffic

If you were to write a post on that keyword, this is the estimated traffic you can expect to your website per month once you rank on the first page of search results for that keyword.

4) QSR

This is your competition on that keyword. It stands for Quoted Search Results, so if you were to go to Google and enter that keyword into the search bar contained within “quotes”, Google will return the exact number of websites that have that Keyword.

The higher the QSR, the more competing sites there is. There is an ideal ratio that you can use for maximum effect on your keyword. An Avg of over 100 and a QSR of less than 100 you can expect good results. If the Avg is much higher and the QSR is still below 100 this is a very good scenario. See row one above (I wish I knew some good vegan recipes now)

5) KQI

This stands for Keyword Quality Index. In the above example, all keywords came out as Great in Green. You will also have Normal in Yellow, and Poor in Red. These are quick info based on the first 3 columns of data.

6) SEO

The higher the number for SEO, which ranges from 1-100, the more likely you will rank on page one of search results. It is based on traffic and competition for the keyword.

7) Domains

If you do a search on that keyword by pressing the search in the column. Jaaxy will do a domain search to see if a .com, .net, or a .org domain is available for that exact keyword. The Enterprize Level of Jaaxy will display that information automatically without clicking search. Google does rank domains that are keywords, so this can be quite a valuable asset for you.

8) Related

Jaaxy will return closely related search terms to your search term that you have entered. This provides a great way to expand on your keyword research. Pressing anyone of the related keywords will start a new keyword search with that keyword.

Jaaxy also provides other great tools to expand on your keyword research.

In the main menu items above Jaaxy’s search results console, there are a few tools of interest.

Alphabet Soup

This is a very neat feature of Jaaxy in which you can precede a keyword, or insert between keywords all letters of the alphabet one at a time. Jaaxy does this automatically when you use it. You can try an example using Google instant with the instant pot example I used.

With that example, I used Instant Pot recipes. Using the alphabet soup technique, I would start with Instant Pot a recipes, in it would return results then try Instant Pot b recipes and continue through the alphabet. Google instant will show results, and Jaaxy will do this automatically for you.

You can also save your keyword lists and look at your entire search history.

The other powerful research tool in the menus is Brainstorm. This is a unique tool which will take a single keyword and do variations on that keyword for you. If you have run a brainstorm session, you can show those keywords in the main keyword screen by clicking on Brainstorm which is beside Related. This column is dual-purpose, so you can see your brainstorm keywords and toggle back to related keywords for the same column

Jaaxy Training

Within Jaaxy, there are a series of short videos that will take you through all aspect of Jaaxy that I’ve described above.

Jaaxy was built and is maintained by the same people that developed Wealthy Affiliate. Joining Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member will have access to Jaaxy Lite, and many, many lessons on Jaaxy, including Live Webinars of which there are many past webinars that have been saved for all to review anytime.

Throughout Jaaxy, there are little ? icons on many items which will bring up an information help dialog on that item.

Jaaxy’s Pros and Cons

The Goods

  • Jaaxy has an easy layout to work with and shows its results instantly
  • The information it gathers for results is relevant to all search engines-Bing and Yahoo for example
  • You can find a targeted domain name with Jaaxy, no need to go to another program to search availability
  • Support is fast through support tickets
  • Realtime information from Google (and other search engines)
  • Jaaxy does not rely on Alexa results to determine competition
  • Jaaxy has its own lucrative affiliate program (even for free starter members)
  • It works in your browser and therefore no need to download a program

The Bads

  • Free trial is limited to 30 searches
    • But you still have access to the lucrative affiliate program
  • Jaaxy doesn’t tell you who those competing websites are. You’ll have no idea if you are competing with the big players like Amazon, or EBay. You will have to enter your keyword into google to see first page results.
  • Because it is web based, you have to have an internet connection, there is no offline version of Jaaxy

Jaaxy’s Price and Membership Levels

Jaaxy pricing and membership levels
There are further discounts on the above should you pay for yearly plans. The Pro Membership is $199.00/year, and the Enterprise if $499.00 per year.

My Opinion of Jaaxy

When I first started blogging online, I din’t think of anything regarding SEO or Keyword research. I just blogged because I liked it. As I learned more overtime about SEO and Keywords, I started using free programs on the net and Google own tools.

It wasn’t until I started with Wealthy Affiliate, that I learned about Jaaxy and I’ve found it to be an incredibly fast and accurate keyword search tool. I love the additional tools that provide related keywords and help in brainstorming when you just can’t think of anything off hand.

If you haven’t tried the free search panel above for Jaaxy, I do recommend trying the Starter Membership and give it a test drive.

Jaaxy Review at a Glance

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website: Jaaxy.com
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Price: Free Trial (30 Searches), Premium, Enterprise
  • Overall Scam Rank: (4.9 / 5)


Frank Sirianni


Frank Sirianni


  1. Jaxxy is the best tool! I like how you can literally search up any keyword and it provides and easy to understand interface about the competition and traffic.

    It helps boost organic traffic by loads as well and provides an advantage when writing articles!

    Thanks for the great post:)

    • Thanks for stopping in Jeremy,

      I agree, Jaaxy is a great tool. I’ve tried other methods, but Jaaxy gives far better results in my opinion.
      Especially, when you are just researching an idea for a post.


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