IBOToolBox: A Resource for Marketers or a Time Waster? Full Review

IBOToolBoxIBOToolBox: Review at a Glance

Name: IBOToolBox (Independent Business Owners Toolbox)

Website: IBOToolBox.com

Price: Free

Owners: Paul Williams

Overall Rank: (4.1 / 5)

IBOToolBox What is it?

IBOToolBox FeaturesIBOToolBox is a website platform that Independent Business Owners can join to make connections with other like-minded Owners/Marketers. Just like FaceBook or LinkedIn, IBOT has a wall you post on which others can respond to.

IBOT is more comprehensive than just a themed Social Network, for it is also a complete resource for marketers including an advertising platform to further expand your marketing reach.

You can earn credits for advertising simply by logging in and using a redemption code that is available twice a day. To claim the credits, you must also view a few ads from other marketers. Each credit can be exchanged for impressions to your advertisement. There are different style of ads and the credits per impression costs vary per ad type. You can also determine the frequency that your ad is displayed.

Or you can write articles within the platform called Press Releases. These Press Releases remain within the IBOToolBox Platform.

IBOToolBox is an authority site and ranks very high in Google, so any Press Releases will rank as well. Even your profile page will rank.

IBOToolBox has several other platforms that are free to use all within IBOToolBox.

These include IBOExchange, IBOBanners, IBOTube, IBOList, IBOGigs, and IBOAnswers.

These platforms are all by the IBODevelopment Team, and are all designed to increase your business in different ways. Because these are all additional platforms that you can use, I’m not including details for these programs within this review. I may review each one separately so that each platform gets their ‘fair shake’.

Who is IBOToolBox For?

As its name suggests, IBOToolBox  is for budding on-line business owners or seasoned entrepreneurs to gain exposure for their business through their advertising platforms or by connecting with others.

Brick and Mortar business owners are also using IBOToolBox to expose and expand their business efforts on the internet.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Free to Join
  • IBOToolBox is an authority site, therefore all content such as a Press Release will index in Google
  • Very active platform with many members that will help you.
  • Webinars every Wednesday and Saturday that will help you use IBOToolBox effectively
  • Many ways to earn credits for you advertising efforts
  • Training with Kris Karafotus will help you with all aspects of IBOToolBox
  • Most connections that you will make will be from other internet marketers. If they are affiliate marketers they will most likely be interested in your business if it is geared towards affiliates.
  • Top users gain leadership badges which are easily identified, making connections with these leaders can really be helpful for your marketing efforts.

The Bad:

  • The site is not intuitive and may be quite overwhelming when you first start with IBO
  • IBOToolBox is not a training site, it is a network to make contact with others and promote your business efforts. If you, or your website is not established, IBO will not help you further your efforts with your business. If training in affiliate marketing is what you are looking for check out my #1 Recommendation here
  • There are all types of businesses on IBOToolBox, at first you may think this is a good thing, but there are lots of MLM, Confirmed Pyramid Schemes, and downright internet scams. Beware the shiny box syndrome!
  • The good portion of traffic that you will receive from IBOT will be through other members that are simply trying to earn credits for their advertising, thus may not be real targeted traffic.

IBOToolBox Tools & Training

As I mentioned above, IBOToolBox is a site that can be quite overwhelming, even navigating through the site is not intuitive, you’re still not left in the dark to figure things out.

Kris Karafotus is IBOT’s official trainer. She has a help platform within IBOT called “Marketing with Kris”. This will help you with all stages of IBOT. Her video series covers almost everything you need to make the best of IBOT. You even earn credits for your advertising by working through the training.

If you are really stuck on something, you can contact Kris for any help you may need.

There is also a weekly newsletter which provides tips and tricks in using IBOT. And, you guessed it, there’s a redemption code to claim more advertising credits within each newsletter.

IBOToolBox Support


There is support in the form of a Knowledge Base, Videos, and Help-desk that is just a click away.

IBOToolBox Help Desk

IBOToolBox Price

You can use IBOToolBox completely free without any worries of up-sells to gain more or higher level access once you join the program.

You can purchase ad credit packages to increase your advertising.

If you want to take full advantage of their advertising platform, you can upgrade your account to IBO Contributor for $19.95 per month. This gives you 16000 credits for advertising per month, and also increases the commission rate from 20% to 50% for referral member purchases of ad packages.

My Final Opinion of IBOToolBox

IBOToolBox is a solid platform that can give your marketing efforts the traction that you’ll want for you business. I wouldn’t recommend IBOT for complete newbies to internet marketing for the following:

  1. They may find the platform too overwhelming in the beginning.
  2. Your website or blog should be established. IBOT won’t help you learn to build your website for example.
  3. It is not a training platform for internet marketing. Rather, think of it as a kind of LinkedIn whose focus is internet marketers that also provides an advertising platform for those marketers.

If you are a newbie to internet marketing and looking for the best training on the internet today, I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is a complete affiliate markers training platform and is my #1 recommendation.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading my full review here.

Other than the three reasons above, I highly recommend using IBOToolBox, just click here to join free. It is a highly active site. Hundreds of thousands of people use IBOToolBox daily. Many of these marketers you will want to follow and connect with. I know that using IBOToolBox is definitely not a waste of time!

Name: IBOToolBox (Independent Business Owners Toolbox)

Website: IBOToolBox.com

Price: Free

Owners: Paul Williams

Overall Rank: (4.1 / 5)



Frank Sirianni




  1. Hi and thanks for the info. I have not heard of IBOX before but it sounds interesting from your review. As an affiliate marketer in the MMO arena will IBOX be a good place to look for like-minded businesses? I am a little nervous as u mentioned that the interface might be difficult. Are there tutorials available? Thanks for your response.

    • Hi Carl,

      There are many, many marketers in MMO that are active in IBOToolBox. For that matter, every area of internet marketing has marketers ready to make connections.
      Like many programs and platforms out there, there is a bit of a learning curve, but there is help through ‘Marketing with Kris’ the official IBO trainer, and other marketers have written walk-through guides.

      None of these guides or training is time-consuming by any means.

      Thanks for stopping in Carl,
      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

  2. Thanks for sharing this review. I was interested in this system because it seemed legit and a viable option. Now I know that it’s a waste of time for newbies so I’ll stay away from it at all costs. At least it isn’t a scam and that’s the main thing, as I’ve found so many lately it’s difficult to even keep up with all these “online opportunities”. Cheers.

    • Hi Brandon,

      It’s definitely a legit system for any marketer to increase their effort with in the platform.
      If you are a newbie to IM, IBOToolBox can be a little overwhelming at first.
      But there is information and help within the platform such as ‘Marketing with Kris’ which takes you through the whole platform by a series of short videos and tasks.

      If you do decide to give it a try, look me up on the platform and I’ll be glad to help you through the site.


  3. IBO Toolbox sounds like a good platform for business people. If the traffic is not targeted traffic what is the point in joining the network.If the traffic will not convert then it sounds like a network just for socializing.
    The learning experience sounds like it is worthwhile though so I might check out the site. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Luna,

      Thanks for stopping in.
      There are a few ways that you can achieve targeted traffic through IBOToolBox.

      Yes it is a social platform as well as a marketing/advertising platform.

      Thousands of members are affiliate marketers, and connecting with them you can introduce them to your product/website.

      You can utilise your social wall in order to gain traffic in the same manner.

      Writing Press Releases is another way to increase your traffic, for people reading your press releases will gain interest into your endeavours. This won’t be direct targeted traffic, but they will seek you out for more information. Think of it as article marketing for your business.

      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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