How Wealthy Affiliate Can Benefit Retirees : A Full Review

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL: WealthyAffiliate.com

Price: Free Starter Membership, Premium $49.00 Monthly or $369.00 Yearly

Wealthy Affiliate Features Ranked

Training: (5 / 5)
Support: (5 / 5)
Website Builder: (5 / 5)
Research Tools: (5 / 5)
Affiliate Program: (5 / 5)
Weekly Live Classes: (5 / 5)


Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this review, I want to thank you for stopping in. You have stopped in for a few reasons: You’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate and want to learn more information about it. Or, like me not too very long ago, you’ve been searching online for ways to make some extra money using your computer at home. I’m a Baby Boomer still working full time, but I don’t have too many years left before retirement. I’m also one of those Baby Boomers that didn’t plan very well for that inevitable future, but you can read more about that on my ABOUT FRANK PAGE HERE.

If you are like me, you have tried many things online, some with limited results, some that led to nothing, and other programs that just wanted your wallet (AHEM…SCAMS). I have to admit, I was very lucky with the latter, because I was way too careful to open my wallet for just any program no matter how good their pitch was. NearlyRetiredAndBroke.com will also help you avoid those AHEM programs as well.

But let us move on…

Wealthy Affiliate: What is it?

My short definition: Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will teach you all the ins and outs of becoming an Affiliate Marketer and provide all the tools and support needed to make your business successful.

I like to think of Wealthy Affiliate as a (very large) community of like-minded Internet Marketers that are more than willing to assist your efforts in pursuing a career in Affiliate Marketing (AM) on the internet — and that includes the co-owners Kyle and Carson. It does not matter if you are just beginning, or have some experience in AM, or are very experienced and want to gain further insight into AM, Wealthy Affiliate can help both the beginner and seasoned marketer. Wealthy Affiliates goal is to provide you all the information, support, internet tools, and research tools to build your own successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a platform, it is a full suite of courses in two main streams. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is geared towards becoming an Affiliate Marketer by targeting a niche you choose, building a website, optimizing your website to be noticed by search engines, finding affiliate companies for your niche, and much more. There are 5 course levels to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

The second stream is the Affiliate Bootcamp which has 7 course levels which teaches you how to leverage Wealthy Affiliate’s in house Affiliate Program. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the marketplace, and many entrepreneurs, both newbies and seasoned, have their core business based on WA’s Affiliate Program.

No matter which route you decide to take with your business, Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools, training, and support needed to be successful. Everything truly is all under one roof with WA.

Now that you have an idea of what Wealthy Affiliate is, let’s look deeper into WA starting with its training platform.

Training: Affiliate Marketing Courses That Are Second to None on the Internet

As mentioned above WA has two streams which to base your business on, the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp. So Let’s look at the features of each.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course:

  • 5 Course Levels
  • 10 Lessons per level
    • Hands on Tasks per level
    • Video presentation/walk trough on each lesson-some levels there is a video presentation for each task
    • Full and active discussions at each level
    • Classrooms for all levels and additional topics
    • Active “Top Helpers” for each lesson
  • Work at your own pace

Affiliate Bootcamp Course:

  • 7 Course Levels
  • 10 Lessons per level
    • Affiliate Bootcamp has all the features as the OEC Course as mentioned above

Whichever course direction you choose, after the completion of the first course level in either course, you will have a live website up and running ready to earn for you. Each lesson is hands on and builds and optimizes your website further as you progress. If you are ever stuck on a concept, just pose the question in discussion or the classrooms, and you will be surprised how quickly you will get a response back from Active Top Helpers, other classmates, or even Kyle and Carson for they are quite active in all discussion areas of WA.

Everyone is encouraged to share their accomplishments, questions you may have, or even answer a question that you may know the solution to. WA has a strong Pay-It-Forward ethic which really shines as you progress and get more involved as a member.

The lessons are always being updated to stay on top of current marketing trends, changes in technology, or changes in search engines policies or operations.

Hold on!

There’s still more.

WA has a Pay-It-Forward ideal and one of the ways WA expands on this ideal is for members to create training themselves for all WA members (You must be a WA Premium Member for a minimum of 3 months to create training). These training lessons may cover a wide variety of subject matter that can expand on material you’ve learned in the courses. Many are related to blogging, writing content, or how to use specific tools or plugins for your website.

There is definitely no lack of subject material or aspects of affiliate marketing that you can learn with WA. At first, many new members can be a little overwhelmed by the amount, but not-to-worry, there is more help within the WA community than you can shake a stick at. You will never feel that you’ve been left hanging, just pose the question and you will get help.

Support: You’ll Never Be Left “Hanging”

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve been out of school for 40 plus years, how the heck will I get through all of this”.

First off, there are thousands of WA members that are nearing retirement, or already retired. Some are here to surplus their income, others have been professionals in their fields, such as teachers, authors, small business owners, nurse, doctors, managers (all levels). Others have worked in trades such as construction, hospitality, civil servants, or you name it, if there’s a profession or job out there, there will be a member of WA that’s been-there-and-done-or-doing-that. Every member has decided that they want to start their own AM business online, for whatever their personal situation or need.

Many of these people (including me) have felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of material on WA, but what you really need to know is that all you need to do is start. You will find that even the most technical aspects of the courses, such as SEO, PPC, Amazon Associates, or building your Website will be thoroughly explained, but more importantly, you will be shown how to use these concepts. You won’t be just given a definition and expected to understand it.

As long as you have some basic computer knowledge and know how to use a writing program, a web browser, and how to search on Google, you’ll have the prerequisites needed to start with WA. Everything else you’ll need to know will be completely explained and covered in course material. You are not just told what SEO is and means, you are shown how to use best SEO practices. You are taught good habits to get into to maximize SEO results. By the way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and a simple explanation would be how to Optimize any post that you will write for your website to have your post noticed and ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Inevitably, you will get stumped on a concept, or simply not sure of your next step. So…


You can post any question you may have just about anywhere on WA. You can post in Live Chat, which is very active, you can post in the search bar beside the WA logo, or you can post in Classrooms or lesson discussions. Simply provide enough detail of what you need and you will get an answer very quickly.

Getting answers to questions is not the only “Support” method where WA shines. On every member profile, there is a personal blog which you can create blog posts. These blog posts do get indexed in the search engines too. On every profile page you can follow other members, or have them follow you. It happens quite naturally, but as your followers/following grow, the more feedback you will get on just about anything you do in WA.

I could go on forever about the value of WA’s support, but it is something you will have to experience for yourself as I have. The only way though, is to start.

Website Builder (SiteRubix): Three Minutes and You’re Live

WA’s website platform is called SiteRubix, on which you can build your own websites using the free SiteRubix domain or for a minimal charge have your website with its own domain hosted with WA.

WA uses WordPress for its website building which they optimize and provide the best analytics and website security.

In less than three minutes you can have your fully optimized, Google (SEO), and secure website up.

 See how easy it is to build a website Click Here


Gone are the days and the huge learning curve of HTML, scripting, and heavy coding to build a website. WA makes it so simple to have your website up without any heavy learning curve. It’s push button simple. If you do have any difficulties, SiteRubix Support is only a click away.

Research Tools: Your Keywords to Success

It doesn’t matter if your site is about Raising and Caring for Aardvarks or Learn to play the Zither, you will need to learn to use relevant keywords effectively. Much of the course material as described above is about the importance of keywords and keyword research to your niche. WA provides two very powerful tools for Keyword research. WA’s Keyword Tool available to all within WA, and also Jaaxy the most powerful keyword research tool on the net.


To give you an example of Jaaxy, here is a sample Keyword search using the keyword ‘cake decorating’.

Jaaxy Sample Screen Capture

Jaaxy Sample Keyword Search Screenshot

So what do the results and columns mean?

  • Keyword
    • A phrase that users type into search engines to find what they are looking for
  • Avg
    • The average number of searches that the Keyword receives each month
  • Traffic
    • Visits you can expect to your website if it received first page ranking
  • QSR
    • Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Goolge for this exact keyword
  • KQI
    • Keyword Quality Index, Green is Great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor
  • SEO
    • A Score from 1-100 based on traffic and competition. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank on first page of Google
  • Domains
    • The availability of domains that are related to the keyword

Jaaxy itself is a separate business from WA, but was developed by the Owners of WA. Kyle and Carson have made Jaaxy available for WA members to use free (Up to a Jaaxy Lite membership), but because it is a separate business from WA, it also has its own Affiliate Program you can leverage for your business. Try a free starter account and get 30 keyword searched to see for yourself the powerful tool that Jaaxy is. Just Enter your Keyword you’d like a search below and start your free trial.


WA’s In-house Affiliate Program: Your Business Your WAy

If you’ve decided on doing the Bootcamp stream of courses, you will have learned everything you need to take advantage of WA’s In-house Affiliate Program. What I haven’t mentioned as yet, is there is two levels of membership into Wealthy Affiliate.

A Free Starter Member, which gives you access to all of WA’s website and classes with some limitations.

There’s also a Premium Membership, and believe me it’s the whole enchilada that is Wealthy Affiliate.

The image below shows the differences and access to Wealthy Affiliate for Starter and Premium Members.

Membership Levels and pricing

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels

All members (Starter and Premium) have access to Wealthy Affiliate’s own Affiliate Program. Below is the breakdowns of earnings for both Starter and Premium Members.

Wealthy Affiliate commissions

WA Affiliate Commisions

Many long term members of WA make their entire business from WA’s Affiliate Program.


Live Video Classes: A Well Spent Hour Every Friday

The training and lessons don’t stop with the two aforementioned courses. No, there’s a lot more to WA training. There are weekly Live Video Classes (nicknamed WAbinars) hosted by Jay Neill WA’s official trainer, who is also an expert affiliate marketer and WA member for over a decade. Personally, I find Jay very entertaining during his WAbinars. He doesn’t throw jargon and tech-speak at you and expect you to understand. He explains the material he presents, and shows you how it’s applied in real situations.


Wealthy Affiliate Live Webinar

Magistudios WAbinar with Jay Neill


The WAbinars can expand on course content, or go in depth to other aspects of affiliate marketing that may not have been touched on in the courses. All WAbinars are recorded and can be accessed anytime if you are unable to attend the live broadcast. There is live Q&A session after the lesson which Jay responds to live and questions are answered in discussion below the video even after broadcast.

One thing that I like to do is after I’ve gone through a section of the main classes, I’ll search the WAbinars to see if one has been done on the topic. I find that having another perspective on a topic can clear up any difficulties I may have had with the course material alone.

The WAbinars are like having a copy of Cliff Notes or Cole’s Notes handy.


Wealthy Affiliate: The Wrap Up

I could go on all day about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, but in the few years that I have looked for ways to make money online, I haven’t found anything that can compare to what WA offers. It really is Everything-Under-One-Roof to get you well on the way to becoming successful in Affiliate Marketing.

If I had to scale any Pros vs Cons about Wealthy Affiliate, I’d say that the Pros well out weigh any Cons about WA.

But I will mention a couple of Cons anyway.

First, there is no easy button with WA. And that’s a good thing.

No Easy Button

No Easy Button

Many people who are struggling to find ways to make money online are looking for that magic button that will solve all their financial needs. There’s many programs out there that do exactly that, offer an easy way to make money online if you just open your wallet a little bit. The next thing you know they are offering another level that promises to double even triple your earnings if you only-Guess What-open your wallet a little more. And on it goes.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise any magic solution, but it does promise that if you follow the teachings and put those teachings into practice, you will make money. But it takes a commitment to get there. There is no easy way, or magic button.

This leads me to my second Con about Wealthy Affiliate, there is so much information to cover that it can easily become overwhelming. Especially at first.

My advice, if this happens to you is to just take it one step at a time. Click on the Getting Started green button on the site, and work through the lessons at your own pace. Ask questions. There’s lots of help to get past any issue. So is all the information really a Con? Not really. Just be prepared to be a bit overwhelmed at first-

We’ll get you past it.

Why would I Recommend WA for Retirees or Those Nearing Retirement?

First off, WA has 1,000,000+ members, and thousands of those members are retired, nearing retirement, or Seniors that are well past retirement.  WA is for anyone that wants to learn and earn on the net as an Affiliate Marketer.

That said, I also believe that WA is a safe haven in which to start a legitimate online business.

Many retirees are first overwhelmed because of the course material and it being all computer based, but as they work through the lessons, they quickly become comfortable with what they are doing. All the help that is offered in WA is a big factor as well. Most of us have been away from any type of learning environment for so long, that it alone makes one nervous to start out. But that wanes too.

A member of WA, Bo Tipton, who is also a retired senior explains this much better than I do in one of his profile blog posts which I welcome you to give it a read here.

We also have years of experience in other aspects of life and work. Many of these experiences have become hobbies or passions. These passions can also be turned into a profitable niche. So let me ask you, in your retirement years where you had the opportunity to work on a passion project, would you jump at the opportunity?

I know I would (and have).

Start as a free member.

  • You can stay a free member as long as you need to.
  • First seven days you will have full Premium Access to WA
  • You can work through the Certification Level One Course, or Level One of Bootcamp.
  • You will have a free website up and running within the SiteRubix sub-domain.
    • As a free member you will be able to build 2 free websites.
  •  You will have Live Mentor Help for the first 7 days
    • Including Kyle and Carson!
  • I’ll send you a PM (private message) when you join WA
  • Whey you have set up your profile, I’ll send you a Welcome Message including a Special Bonus. (Details below on how to claim your bonus)

get started today

How to claim your Bonus

When you join WA as a Free Member, you will have 7 days in which to decide if you’d like to go Premium with WA. If you act within the 7 days, you can receive your first month of Premium Membership for only $19.00-A savings of $30.00!! Once inside I’ll send you the Welcome Message with Details on how to your discount.

Thanks For Stopping In

Frank aka Foxxfyrre






  1. Thanks for the very detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and what they have got to offer. I too have joined Wealthy Affiliate as of last quarter of last year and I can attest to the fact that their platform is indeed exceptionally amazing. I am yet to find anything out there in the Internet that could even come close.

    All that said, I encourage anyone who is seeking for an online business opportunity to check it out. And yes, Frank’s review here says it all. It is indeed suitable for those already retired, nearing retirement or even for those that are still ways ahead of their retirement. The things you’ll learn will really boost your online business.

    Have a wonderful day and cheers!

    • Thanks Mark for stopping in and reading the review.
      Have a good New Year and all the best in 2018

  2. I actually hear this platform before but I did not know that it has a hosting platform. I have many problems with hosting. It is not fast and does not protect my site from spams. How is this platform’s hosting?

    • Hi Furkan,
      Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix hosting is one of the best and easiest platforms to work with. All the tools for site health, site speed, hacking intrusion, and spam protection are all built right in. It’s also build on a double redundant servers, so that if one set of servers fails redundancy kicks in so there is no down time for your site. The tools for the web-master really set their hosting apart from others. With Site Content-an easy to use post editor that includes many more tools such as goal setting for posts. Site Comments and Site Feedback and much more.
      You can easily move your website over to WA’s SiteRubix hosting with just a couple of clicks 🙂
      Thanks for stopping in!

  3. You really have done your research on this system – great job! I tried getting my friend into the Wealthy Affiliate but he wasn’t sure if it was right for him because he didn’t think he would have time to write articles. What advice would you have for someone who is always busy but wants to become financially free? Is Wealthy Affiliate the best way to go? Cheers.

    • Hi Brandon,
      I definitely understand your friend’s concern that he doesn’t have time. I work full time as a Catering Manager in a hotel, and finding time for WA is sure challenging. But the point is, somehow, if you want it badly enough you will find time. I know I’m up into the wee hours, and sometimes I’m into WA before dawn, in the end though, I know it is worth it and all the work I’m doing is not in vain. I have a goal, the ambition, and the drive to make it happen. Wealthy Affiliate is the tools, platform, and major resource that I draw from. So Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go if you want to be financially free, but it does take some discipline and self motivation to do it successfully.

      Thanks for stopping in Brandon

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