EasyHits4U: Not Just Traffic, Usable Tools – A Full Review

EasyHits4U Review at a Glance

EasyHits4U: Your Free Traffic Exchange, One to One Ration, Manual Surf Bar, Referral ProgramName: EasyHits4U
Website: EasyHits4U.com
Price: Free, Premium & Ultimate Memberships
Owners: RealMax Inc.
Overall Rank: (4 / 5)

 EasyHits4U Product Overview

EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange platform that was founded in 2003 making it one of the oldest TEs and also the largest TE with currently over 1.4 million members.

I’m not going into detail about Traffic Exchanges in this post, but if you are unfamiliar with TEs and how they work, please read my post on Traffic Exchanges Here.

To gain traffic to your site, EasyHits4U’s surf bar offers 2 to 1 views for 30 seconds, or 1 to 1 views for 20 seconds for free members. If you do upgrade, your surfing duration per site is reduced. For traffic exchanges in general, this is a long surfing duration to gain a view on your site.

If you do surf 1000 pages you earn $0.30 USD.

I’m not going to do the math for you… Okay, I will just because I love mathematics.

Using the free 1 to 1 views for 20 seconds that equates to 3 sites per minute (not including load times between sites)

  • 1000 sites @ $0.30 or $0.0003 per site
  • At 3 sites per minute = 180 sites per hour
  • 1000 sites would take 5 hours, 33 minutes 33 seconds (not including page load times)
  • Your hourly wages = $0.054 USD (slightly less due to load times)

As you can see, surfing for money on one TE is not going to bring home the bacon (or even the beer!).

You would have to surf 10 Traffic Exchanges simultaneously to earn $1.00 per hour, and that’s only if the other TEs offer the same generous payout scheme (not many do).

EasyHits4U does offer other means to earn on their platform such as referring other members to gain credits for surfing from their efforts, and commission on their purchases.

There are 2 tools that EasyHits4U offers its users to both use, and earn commissions from as another revenue stream. More on those tools and their revenue bonuses below.

If you are serious about earning on-line, and building your own web business, you should check out my #1 recommendation and read the full review.

Who is EasyHits4U For?

EasyHits4U is designed for anyone that wants to gain more traffic to their site, landing page, or business opportunity.

Bloggers, Website owners, Affiliate Marketers, MLM Marketers, and others in the Internet marketing field use EasyHits4U to further benefit their efforts.

EasyHits4U Tools & Training


EasyHits4U has a good FAQ, and a good Quick Guide for Beginners page that is accessible on your main membership page. Their site is really quite intuitive and nicely laid out so that everything is handy and quick to learn your way around.

The Quick Guide does explain everything about EasyHits4U and has some pretty good Tips for surfing included.

The FAQ page is quite extensive and should answer just about anything you may come across.


EasyHits4U does provide several tools that can, to varying degrees, increase your earnings with EasyHits4U, or provide more exposure to your sites.


The EasyRotator is a good tool that can provide a way to link several sites to use in other TEs. The Rotator provides a top bar that is encoded with your referral link, so it will even gain you referrals to EasyHits4U through its use on other exchanges. When your site is shown on another exchange the top bar is visible as well, and if someone clicks on it you may gain a referral.

EashyHits4U Easy Rotator

For free members, the EasyRotator is limited to 1 rotator with 10 links rotating. Free members can earn 10% from referrals that purchase EasyRotator to expand links.

Easy Splash Builder

Easy Splash Builder is a program that you can design a splash page for your business. You can use the splash page to direct people to opt-in to your offers, join your email list, or even gain referrals to other programs. Splash pages are more effective in TEs for they are simple, and provide an easy call to action so that surfers can respond to your page in the limited amount of time they will see it.

EasyHits4U Easy Splash Builder

Easy Splash Builder has purchased add-ons such as a Graphic Designer Plug-in (Adobe Flash is required) to expand its usability.

Free members can earn 10% from any purchase of Eash Splash Builder.

These offers are member driven offers where you can earn credits, banner or text add impressions, and even a small amount of cash. For most of the Offers, they are easy tasks such as to provide a like to their Facebook business page, or Twitter account, or even to review their site or offer that they are rotating through the surf bar.

I’ve seen very few offers that pay you in cash for completing their offers, most seem to be for credits or impressions for banner or text ads.

Links Directory

This is a link exchange directory where you can submit your site into EasyHits4U’s link directory. To have your link accepted you must embed EasyHits4U’s code onto your website.

I would not suggest this to try to gain any benefit to your site. It will provide a back link to your site for you, but I do not think that it will provide any increase in traffic.  I have clicked on several of the links in various categories, and most were dead links that lead to a 404 page.

EashHits4U doesn’t appear to be monitoring the links directory to keep it active or usable.


You can submit up to 10 articles to their Article Directory. Again, I don’t see much use for using this, for most articles that I have clicked on to write this review are several years old. I didn’t dig too deep into the articles directory though, for after selecting 10 different articles, and the most recent date was from September 2013.

I think that this is another area that EasyHits4U is not actively monitoring or supporting. I don’t think that any members currently are using the directory.

EasyHits4U Support

There is 24/7 help available by sending a support ticket.

There is no forum onsite.

EasyHits4U does have a Facebook business page with over 23K members. Although, it is more of another way for EasyHits4U to provide bonus advertising and offers. I haven’t seen any questions answered on their FB page.
The Good & the Bad
The Good:

  • Very active surf bar.
  • You can gain lots of opt-ins to your offers. Partly due to the longer time on each site, but also many people that use TEs are also searching for opportunities as well as gaining opt-ins for their programs.
  • Ability to contact all referrals, you can even market your offer directly to them.
  • Any member that is using the surf bar, you can make contact requests to. You can expect to receive many such requests.
  • More than one stream of income. You can earn credits and commission from referral activity and their purchases. Commission from both the EasyRotator purchases and the Easy Splashpage builder.

The Bad:

  • EasyHits4U is still a Traffic Exchange, and therefore I wouldn’t recommend linking your site directly to the exchange. Rather, use a splash or landing page that may have a free offer attached such as an e-book. In this manner, you will get more opt-ins that will be more targeted, and your site will not receive a high bounce rate due to the timer. You may even lose your Adsense account linking a traffic exchange directly to your site.
  • It’s not a site that you can use to gain a real income through surfing. The money that you will make by surfing is more of a bonus (a Thank You) for using their exchange.

EasyHits4U Pricing

There are 3 levels of membership, Free, Premium, and Platinum and each level has increasing benefits and options. The following screen capture lists all pricing:

EasyHits4U Pricing and Membership Levels
along with some of its membership level benefits:

EasyHits4U Membership Level Benefits

And EasyHits4U Membership Level Commissions.

EasyHits4U.com - Member level Commisions

My Final Opinion of EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U is an active and easy to use traffic exchange.
Used properly, you can gain a lot of leads, opt-ins, or even gain affiliates to your own programs. With some tools that EasyHits4U does include free, you can easily gain referrals and gain up to 30 percent credits on their surfing actions.

On any given day there is an average of 1500 to 2000 members surfing simultaneously, so the more referrals and free credits your receive, the more eyes you’ll get on your offer.

It is definitely a legit and paying platform that I would recommend to use. But remember, it is still a traffic exchange so you will need to have alternate ways to gain those opt-ins than using your site directly.

My rating of 4 out of 5 stars is based strictly on EasyHits4U as a traffic exchange, its ease of use, and its tools. It is not a rating on EasyHits4U as a means to earn money. The money that you will make should be focused on your own business efforts and why, and how you are using a traffic exchange to meet those ends. Consider any money that you will earn from this (and any TE) as a bonus and an additional income stream for your business.

Do you already have an offer or have a splash page designed to gain leads to your offer, try promoting on EasyHits4U you can join free here.


EasyHits4U Review at a Glance

Name: EasyHits4U
Website: EasyHits4U.com
Price: Free, Premium & Ultimate Memberships
Owners: RealMax Inc
Overall Rank: (4 / 5)


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