CBProAds for Marketing ClickBank Digital Products | A Full Review

CBProAds Ratings

Name: CB Pro AdsClickBank Pro Ads
Website: www.cbproads.com
Price: Free and $39.95 Lifetime Premium
Overall Rank: (4 / 5)

Rating Schema:

  • 0-1.5 Stars-Risky and Most likely a Scam
  • 2-3.5 Stars-OKAY with Limitations
  • 4-5 Stars-Legit Programs Recommended


CBProAds: What is it?

CBProAds is a suite of tools that you can use to increase your conversion rate in marketing ClickBank Digital Products.

If you are a blogger that wants to monetize their blog, or an affiliate marketer looking to increase their products to market, CBProAds may be just the ticket for you.

CBProAds will not increase your traffic to your site or blog after installing any of its products on your site. It does give access directly to ClickBank products complete with your ClickBank ID should someone purchase a digital product through any of the tools you may have installed.

CBProAds also has its own affiliate program where you can make affiliate commissions directly from CBProAds, but I’ll get into that after I show you the tools provided.

So What are the CBProAds Tools?

1) ClickBank Ad Rotator

If you are familiar with Google Adsense Ads, the CB Ad Rotator is similar in some aspects for it will provide an ad on your blog or website. Unlike Adsense, CB Ad Rotator does not work on a Pay Per Click system. Instead, if someone clicks on an ad, and then purchases the product, you will make full affiliate commission for that product. ClickBank product’s commissions vary, but you could earn 50 to 75% on a single sale.

Click Bank Pro Ads Formats

2) Storefronts

There are two types of storefronts that you can use, the Main Storefront and Niche Storefronts.

The Main Storefront has 5 styles of website designs that you can use. Once you have decided on a style, all you need to do is have a Click Bank ID, and you will be provided with the specific URL with your CBProAds tracking ID attached.

The Niche Storefronts are all selected from very popular niches topics within ClickBank. If you are an affiliate marketer working in niche about Men’s health, you’d probably want to take advantage of the Men’s Health Storefront.

Currently, there are 20 Niche Storefronts to choose from.

With either storefront, you can market them by sending traffic to the specific URL, but you can also use the URL to create a page tab on your own site so that the Storefront will be attached as a page in your blog for example.

The link below is example Niche Storefront that I created within the Diet/Weightloss Niche;

Click Here to see a Diet & Weightloss Example Niche Storefront I Created

3) WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Plugin are storefronts that are specifically designed to work with WordPress. Just as with the storefronts above, there is the Main Storefront, and Niche Storefronts, but there are over 70 different Niches to choose from using the plugins.

There is much more configuration involved with the plugins, but the advantage is they are highly configurable and will work with most WordPress Themes.

Now that you know what tools are available from CBProAds, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of CBProAds

The Good & the Bad

pros and consThe Pros:

ClickBank is the largest vendor of digital products for affiliate marketers. Many affiliate marketers only use ClickBank for their marketing, for there are thousands of programs you can promote.

CBProAds helps to funnel your traffic directly to sales pages of ClickBank Products to increase your earnings.

You can generate many styles of ads directly to your website.

You can try CBProAds free without making any commitment to purchase a membership.

All the tools are intuitive to work with, so you don’t need a lot of technical skills just to get them up and running.

CBProAds has its own affiliate marketing program where you can introduce others to CBProAds, and should they join and upgrade, you make commissions from that upgrade. Every ad widget you may have on your site, also has a tagline ‘Ads by CBProAds’ and should someone click on that tagline, they are directed to your affiliate CBProAds home page.

The Cons:

CBProAds is a suite of tools that you can use to monetize your existing blogs or websites. So if you do not have traffic coming to your site, CBProAds will do nothing to increase your traffic or sales.

Because of this, I would not recommend CBProAds to those that are just starting out with affiliate marketing.

There are so many types of ads that you can place on your site, that you may end up having your site very AD HEAVY. I’m sure that you have been to sites like I have that as you read their article it suddenly doesn’t make sense because they have placed ads right in the middle of a paragraph-Ads can be very annoying when splattered all over.

So, Who Should Use CBProAds?

Although CBProAds is designed for anyone to use, you should have some experience with affiliate marketing and be getting some traffic to your site before considering CBProAds for monetizing of your site using the Ad Rotator or the Storefronts. The only prerequisite for using CBProAds is that you must have a ClickBank account and ID.

The same would go for the CBProAds affiliate program. If you don’t have a website, or if you do but are just starting out with your marketing, it may be quite difficult to gain any momentum with their affiliate program and earn commissions.

The tools are easy to use. That’s not the problem. The problem is traffic and knowing how to get that traffic.
My advice if you are interested in using CBProAds and just starting out with affiliate marketing, or you are a blogger with minimal traffic is to 1) build a web page if you don’t have a site, and 2) learn how to get targeted traffic to your site. My best recommendation for doing this is to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a moment and read my full take on Wealthy Affiliate Here

A very well seasoned affiliate marketer would bypass using any of the Ad Rotators or Storefronts, because they would already have their sites optimized for monetization and wouldn’t need these tools.

These marketers would go through ClickBank themselves and directly market any products. But they would take advantage of CBProAds Affiliate program if it fits in their niche.

training and supportTraining and Support for CBProAds Members

There isn’t much to say about training for CBProAds, for the site is very intuitive and you simply follow the steps provided and you will have your Ad Rotator or Storefront up and ready in no time.

The WordPress Plugins have a much more detailed walk-through for they are a little more involved to get installed and running.

There is an FAQ page that will answer most, if not all, of your questions about CBProAds.

There is a Tips section for promoting with CBProAds.

This help feature does give you some great strategies to promote your Storefront, or your Affiliate link whether you have a website or not, such as utilizing Social Bookmarking Sites, Forums or Bulletin boards that are relevant to affiliate marketing, or Article Marketing. The Ads Rotators do require a website or blog,

There is also a list of Don’ts, such as spamming for example.

If you do need help with anything there is a Contact Page where you can enter your question/problem to get help.

CBProAds Pricing

CBProAds has two membership levels, Free and Pro memberships. See the image below for a comparison of each membership level.

CBProAds Membership Comparison
The Preimium Membership Standard Price is $79.95, but look for the coupon on the Upgrade Page to get your membership for only $39.95 a 50% Discount.

As you can see, you must be a pro member to participate in their affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Earn 50% commission for every referral upgrade
  • Every Free member referred that shows ads, your ClickBank ID will be embedded 50% of the time. CBProAds waives placing their ID for Pro Members
  • Captions for ads can be turned off, but if left on a click on the caption will be directed to your own referral page.

Just for an example, let’s say that you have referred 120 members. Twenty members have upgraded, so you will make 50% of their membership fees from CBProAds. That leaves 100 Free Members, and let’s say that they all are showing ads and their ads are viewed an average of 100 times per day. That’s 10,000 views a day, and 50% of those ads viewed will have your ClickBank ID embedded in them. That’s 5000 potential clicks on your ID per day that you could make commission from a ClickBank sale directly from ClickBank.

My Final Take on CBProAds

CBProAds has been around for a long time. Almost 11 years since they registered their domain. If CBProAds were disreputable, I don’t think that they would have lasted as long as they have. There are many positive reviews of CBProAds that you can search in Google, and you can find a long list of positive reviews by going to the footer of their main sales page labeled “CBProAds Review | Scams”.

So my final take on CBProAds is that it is a legit program that does provide valuable tools you can use to increase your ClickBank promotional efforts (and sales). And I highly recommend CBProAds.

Join as a Free member and give CBProAds a try.

Name: CB Pro Ads
Website: www.cbproads.com

Price: Free and $39.95 Lifetime Premium

Overall Rank: (4 / 5)



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  1. For someone who is bringing traffic to their site, this looks like just the ticket they would need to amp up their revenue. There is a ton of firepower in this package that can be put to great use by someone who is ready for it. Great post and very good explanation as to the potential of this product. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for stopping in!

      Yes, CBProAds can be a great addition to affiliate marketing efforts. And you are right, you do have to be ready for it, for it to be effective. 

      Too many marketers jump in on things without establishing a plan and strategy that they’ll use to increase their potential. Just purchasing a product like CBProAds and hoping that it will bring in all sorts of revenue, just won’t work. You have to be prepared and willing to market it just like you would any other aspect of your business.


      Frank aka Foxxfyrre

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